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About my passion: Uli, Black corals, Akar Bahar, Antipatharia, Sea Roots

Julia Tsvetkova Black corals Blog

It seems now common knowledge my deep love for black corals, especially with the bracelets that I design and produce, though I'm certain that not everyone can really comprehend the power that black corals possess and where they are originate. It would be easy for me to bamboozle you with fictional stories of the super powers that black coral possesses but I won’t as I was brought up by my mother who taught me it’s better to be honest and remain rational. I am therefore going to narrate to you what has truly amazes me and overwhelms me about black...

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Alex Makar Store Opening

Welcome to our Jewelry & Accessorizes Online Store. Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact us.We also sell via Instagram. Check our profile.Many Items on Stock and can be Made on Order.Fast Worldwide Shipping. 

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