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About my passion: Uli, Black corals, Akar Bahar, Antipatharia, Sea Roots

Julia Tsvetkova Black corals Blog

"Uli" (Black Coral) Bracelet with Silver Tassle by Donna Yolka

It seems now common knowledge my deep love for black corals, especially with the bracelets that I design and produce, though I'm certain that not everyone can really comprehend the power that black corals possess and where they are originate.

It would be easy for me to bamboozle you with fictional stories of the super powers that black coral possesses but I won’t as I was brought up by my mother who taught me it’s better to be honest and remain rational. I am therefore going to narrate to you what has truly amazes me and overwhelms me about black corals still.

Scientifically black corals are defined as Antipatharia, whilst local people tend call them simply Uli or Akar Bahar. You find them at the intensely dark depth of the Ocean. The true fact is that the thin black stick is just the frame of the coral itself. What really is surprising is the fact that the frame mostly consists of limestone not of protein as in others corals. This consistency is similar to the structure of ivory. Due to these protein elements black corals are pretty flexible, although remaining very firm. In addition, the most surprising fact about black coral is it’s defined as an animal.

"Uli" (Black Coral) Bracelet by Donna Yolka

I have no idea how beneficial Uli might be in terms of medicine usage, however it is easy to feel a strong subconscious relationship with the coral. Initially I came up with a rather intricate design, dictated to me by the black corals form. My first coral sample had identical oval strips on its skeleton so I inserted two eye shaped stones right up there without any hesitation. Wearing the bracelet I began to realized that was sort of eye looking at me and communicating with me as it was so alive and I couldn't help but keep an eye contact talk to it throughout the day. Later on I became infatuated with this energy intensive process, flirting with each eye-like stone, placing it into the right position. Searching for the best stone quality, the proper color and size, I had to finally drag myself out of the store felling absolutely exhausted and worn out.

"Uli" (Black Corals) Silver Earrings with Cornelians drops and Peridots

Let's get back to magic as there's nothing else so fascinating as the black coral powers. I spend much time talking to local people trying to find out more about the special and mystic about akar bahar. The black coral is used to treat people after being bitten by snakes and poisonous insects by making any kind of magic potion, unfortunately I couldn't grasp the whole recipe and the ins and outs of the healing process due my lack of skills when it came to communicating in the Indonesian language. Hence, I do not recommend you to cook that sort of coral remedy yourself. Once I even spotted some plastic bottles filled with water and coral parts used as a kind of healthy drink as it contains natural minerals from the ocean depth. Maybe I would dare to taste it when hung-over. I was also told that they are used to place Uli under baby's pillow to reduce their anxiety and for better sleep. I could have proved that if I had babies, but my kids are unfortunately not little any longer. My goodness, I wonder if there is anything that I can truly believe in?! Alright, I do believe black corals can protect us from negative effects of evil spirits, especially if you accuse your neighbors of putting the evil eye on your wealth and your husband’s wham. Then you should put Uli on your left wrist and stare at the eye without blinking for 13 min. You'll certainly get you revenge.

Anyway, forgive me for my laziness as I promised to describe all the magical features of corals but haven't still completed this task. What is true is I simply adore corals as you should love and adore everything around you, regardless as love is unconditional. Do enjoy having and wearing them and be certain they are made from Love and for the simple sake of Love!

"Uli" (Black Coral) Bracelet with Sheep Leather by Donna Yolka

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