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Hi! My name is Yolka, Russian born and bred, although I have never lived more than two years in one place. Wherever I lay my hat becomes my home as they say. I’ve always traveled a lot around the whole of Russia each part feeling like home the moment I arrive. Every summer I used to spend my holiday in a very beautiful lake side northern village, surrounded by deep green forest, full of berries, mushrooms and an array of wild animals. My creative soul grew ever larger in this idyllic environment affecting my whole being to this very day.

Before my creativity began to really flourish I graduated from the Agricultural Academy where I had developed some wonderful skills. I learnt how to grow wheat, potatoes, apples... I could handle a tractor, a harvester and a crawler. I could even repair a damaged caterpillar or digger but I still had no idea how it might influence my life and creativity in the future.

It was at this point, I took the plunge and decided to change my life and became an interior designer. Ok, perhaps I’m not as famous as Patricia Urquiola or Philippe Starck, but I can certainly hold my own in any conversation on many interesting and diverse topics such as construction to sewerage and feng shui through to human psychology.

As we speak I'm comfortably settled down in Bali and believe me when I tell you I’ve got my fair share of funny life stories to share since I’ve been here, fear not you’ll get to hear of them in due course in my blog. Oops! How could I forget! Silly me! I also produce wonderful jewelry and accessories! And step by step , inch by inch I’m turning this hobby is into a promising business, just like the flowers that bloomed in the forest round my lakeside village back home.